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Profhilo: The Ultimate Skin Hydration Boost

Profhilo isn’t about changing your look, it’s about naturally revitalizing your skin from within. 

Profhilo at Dermatouch

Profhilo has taken the aesthetics world by storm, and for good reason. This unique injectable treatment goes beyond the volumizing effects of traditional dermal fillers to deliver a powerful boost to your skin’s overall health and appearance.

For reliable and trusted Profhilo injections in Toronto, turn to Dermatouch.

  • Ultra-concentrated Hyaluronic Acid: Profhilo floods your skin with deep hydration for a plump and radiant appearance.
  • Bio-remodeling for Lasting Youthfulness:  Profhilo triggers collagen and elastin production, improving skin firmness, texture, and overall health over time.
  • Slow-Release for Natural Results: Profhilo spreads throughout the treatment area, enhancing your skin’s quality without localized volumizing.
Authentic Profhilo at a licensed clinic.
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Anti Aging Skin Booster

Profhilo injections

  • Expertly administered by a licensed esthetician with medical oversight for your safety and optimal results.
  • Authentic Profhilo®, Health Canada & FDA-approved, for guaranteed quality.
  • Proven results: 5-star rated by satisfied clients across the GTA

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    Profhilo is a highly concentrated form of hyaluronic acid, a substance naturally found in your skin. This means it acts like a super-sponge, drawing in moisture to deeply hydrate your skin. But it doesn’t stop there! Profhilo also kick-starts your body’s production of collagen and elastin, the building blocks that keep your skin firm and youthful.

    The procedure involves small injections, so you might feel a slight pinch. However, most people find it very tolerable. Topical numbing cream can be applied beforehand to minimize any discomfort.

    Profhilo is generally very well-tolerated. You might experience some redness, tenderness, or small bumps at the injection sites. These side effects are usually mild and disappear quickly on their own.

    You’ll likely see a noticeable improvement in your skin hydration and radiance right away.  The full benefits, like improved firmness and reduced fine lines, develop over a few weeks.  Results typically last about 6-8 months, but individual results can vary.


    For optimal results, the standard protocol is two treatments spaced one month apart. After that, maintenance treatments every 6-9 months can help you keep that glow going strong.

    Both Profhilo and PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) promote skin rejuvenation, but they work differently. Profhilo primarily focuses on intense hydration and collagen stimulation, while PRP uses your body’s own growth factors to trigger healing and regeneration.

    The best option for you depends on your specific skin concerns and goals. 

    We also offer PRP injections at our clinic and invite you to discuss both options during your next visit at Dermatouch.

    At Dermatouch, we are committed to providing high-quality treatments using only authentic Profhilo, administered by our skilled registered nurse and aesthetician.

    Take advantage of our Spring Special and experience the transformative power of Profhilo for just $399 per treatment (regularly $450).